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The Point of the Spear by Deriaz

The Point of the Spear


11 September 2017 at 12:05:58 MDT

A painting for dsc85/Tegon and geldazane/Bronzewing. Another gaming themed one, like the older Fallout one, this time in the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The two are set to take down a big catch. (Dinosaur is loosely based on the Thunderjaw of the game.)

This one was a ton of fun. Similar to the Fallout one in my own goals as well, as the last time they commissioned me, I tried harder to jump my quality a tiny bit. So I played with some dappled lighting, a bunch of mech parts, and textures I don't generally tend to employ a lot. I'm proud of the result~ I haven't played Horizon myself, but I really want to. Especially after getting to look at concept art and gameplay of the game for this project.

Have some music!
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Prints of some paintings are available at INPRNT!
Critiques welcomed as always! (I do know my mech/pespective is a little off in parts. Need more practice.)


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    Saw this on Twitter, it's sooooooooo good

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      Ahhhh, thank you, Revan. <3 The fact you came over here to even say that is appreciated...! I'm so glad you like~

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    A Sergal riding a mecha-dinosaur..............I mean, really? Can art get any better than this???? :D

    I think my favorite part of this piece,'s the camera angle you gave it. A slight tilt really gives this a cool view of the action! :)

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      The original thumbnail was very straight-on. But I figured, since Tegon is meant to be leaning his shot to get a better angle, and Bronzewing/geldazane (I don't actually know his sergal's name...!) is riding the creature... A little bit of a lean helps that action. It was a little tough figuring out the landscape due to it, but I feel I managed pretty well.

      And thank you!! Hopefully I continue to go up from here~ I feel there has to be better stuff! But for now... It may not be humble, but I'm gonna say I agree -- it doesn't get better than this~

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        Then you really gave it some great flair from the thumbnail! Yay!

        You're most welcome! :D

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    Very nice work! Brings back memories of Horizon for sure; such a great game. I especially like the red glow and the "battle damage" effects on the mech itself.

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      Ahhhh, good! I'm glad that comes through. I haven't gotten to play it myself (no PS4), so I could only work from footage or concept art. Tried to use elements of the game to help bring back the feeling of that game... Then again, I mean, robot dinosaurs. Let's be honest, that basically sells itself, the work was sort of done for me, eh?

      And thank you!! <3