Hex by Deriaz



11 March 2017 at 11:25:37 MST

Commission for Hex666 (of FA) of his Fennec, Hex, whipping up some strong magic. One light, one dark, but looking like a pro keeping them in balance. (It's way harder than it looks, though, I assure you!)

This one I started much differently than the others. Normally I do my grayscale first, then lay color over top... But this one, I decided to try busting straight into color when blocking in values. It created a little bit of trouble for me early on, but with some help and critique from Stigmata, I think it went in a good direction. I always avoided it out of fear that just starting color would "ruin" a piece for me, like I needed the grayscale to make sure everything was okay first. I think I'm getting over that fear, slowly but surely!

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Critiques welcomed as always!

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    The colors are rich and vivid here.....and the fur texture looks really great! :D I also love the spells/effects and the cracks in the ground...really nice touches! :)

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      Ahhhh, thank you as always, keirajo. <3 The cracks in the ground were especially helpful, now that you mention it -- until I added them, I was struggling to make him actually feel grounded. They did wonders!

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        You're most welcome! :D It's.....to quote a certain "A-Team" member.........always great when a plan comes together! :)

        I just started a D&D-themed pic for a friend of mine and am working on 11x17 comic board--I thought it would be too big (9x12 is usually my largest size I draw on), but then I ran out of space to put more attacking creatures. XD But my concept of the drawing still turned out and it makes me happy. So.............when your work goes in a direction you're happy with--you should always enjoy that, since so many artists fall prey to "hating their art". :)