Guardians of the Sands by Deriaz

Guardians of the Sands


21 August 2016 at 18:21:10 MDT

Travelling the desert can sometimes lead you towards some interesting sights... Or maybe guarded secrets? It looks like ThornDracorn and Kurrikage are watching over the sands diligently. I just want some water, guys! Help a lizard out? ... Can you even hear me way up there? I always wondered.

A big painting from AC for these two, who were wonderful to work with. While I won't deny it took me a bit to get right, and there were some hurdles to jump for meeting my own standards, I'm extremely happy with the final result. I hope you all are as well. Thank you as well, Thorn and Kurrikage, for trusting me with your wonderful characters!

Critiques welcomed as always!


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    There's nothing I don't like in this. (Is an Egyptian mythology nerd...well, any ancient mythology really, but especially Egyptian. XD)

    The characters are so nicely rendered and the staff has a neat mystic look...but I think my very favorite part of this is that background sky! The clouds are so beautiful and real! :D

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      I actually had another sky lined up that was equally good-looking! I spent a lot of time painting some big fluffy clouds... Until a critique changed around some colors, and then it was like, "Oh, wait. These... These aren't really desert clouds, are they?" So I had to scrap them all. I'm definitely re-using that cloud reference though...

      Thank you so much! <3 Too kind, as always.

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        You're very welcome! :D

        You can always save the fluffy clouds for a nice tropical setting! :)

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    I like the headdress the one on the right is wearing. Looks very Egyptian. In fact, all the golden pieces and gems they're wearing do.