Kane by Deriaz



11 April 2016 at 09:07:28 MDT

The final commission of the list for Eldanoth, featuring Kane, a badass Cerebremancer from a Pathfinder campaign. These knights should have known better than to try and fight him two versus one -- those odds weren't in their favor at all, and now the Inflict Pain is showing them the error of their ways.

Another challenging one, involving suits of armor, and a human face, something I honestly don't do often enough. Tried a few different things as well, like with brushes and the magic effect, that I'm pretty pleased with. An all-around nice end to the queue of commissions. And a big thank you to Pyre for trusting me with your character! This one was a great one to work on.

Critiques welcomed as always!

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    :O That's really cool <3.

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      Ah, thank you kindly! Glad you like~

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        Well, my main fursona is a Necromancer, so all use of dark magic is cool to me.

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    Thanks for making this great piece and getting a worked out character ^-^ you did a wondeful job =D

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      And thank YOU again for trusting me! I'm so, so glad you like it~ It's really refreshing to be able to do a human face again after so many animals. And I'd be happy to help you out again in the future, too, if you ever need something done!

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        Ill let you know when i want another piece from you =3

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    Definitely not a guy to play pranks upon. ;)

    I really enjoy how you painted the armour...and the effect! :D

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      He'll not only get his revenge, but he'll probably, like, read your mind to figure out the next 3 pranks, and turn them around on you... Or just mentally scar you with his magic. Look, I'm not saying it's a fair exchange, but it's a Cerebremancer!

      Thank you kindly!

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        One would be wise to think twice before bothering him! XD

        You are most welcome! :D