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Cat Man Study by Deriaz

Cat Man Study


AKA "Bara Cat Man" study. Done on stream yesterday night of a statue made by Everruler, who kindly gave me and others at Anthrocon a few as gifts on the final day. Placed it under a light, and got to painting! I believe he may have some for sale? If he doesn't, well, you can still go get some awesome skull masks from him, so definitely take a peek anyways! Eric says he looked at various cats while molding the face, but I'm going with Mountain Lion/Puma for the "Pu-man" pun joke. Thanks to those on stream who helped or critiqued, like Hutch for suggesting a sandstone texture for the background.

I've also made a folder titled "Studies". I may upload other works I've done, whether from life, photo studies, film stills, or master studies. I'm not quite sure how I'll work it yet. But if I do decide to use the folder more, I'll probably use it for work done in an attempt to learn, rather than create personal work. The folder will also be helpful for if I decide to scrap an old study, you can still see the progression of me trying to learn over time via that folder (if I understand how they work correctly. Might not work the same here on Weasyl?).

Critiques welcomed as always!

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    Before I read the description...I wondered if this was a painting of a statue, because the texture looked like stone or something. :)

    It looks really nice! :D

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      It is! That means I must have done pretty good. I'm glad to hear that comes through! And thank you kindly, as always~

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        You're very welcome! :)

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    Great work! The textures of the brushes you used make this absolutely fabulous.

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      Thank you so much!

      I would say what brush it was if I knew what pack I got it from, beyond "tardigrad brushes 2014" in the folder. That's the file name, but I cannot seem to find it in Google. You might have better luck? Tweaked one of them via Dual Brush, or just used it as it came in the package.

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        Thanks for the info! I'll look for it for sure 8)