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[C - Oli Snowpaw] Bernie Outfit Ref by Dereck Dingo

[C - Oli Snowpaw] Bernie Outfit Ref

Dereck Dingo

The latest piece by Oli_Snowpaw Oli_Snowpaw of my country girl, Bernie! Both she and my bobcat girl Ru were in bad need of some clothing references. Oli is generating funds for a move to a better place, so naturally I wanted to help! Ru's clothing ref coming soon.

In the meantime, PLEASE consider commissioning my buddy Oli to help her move! When it comes to speed, quality, and value, one normally only gets to choose two. Oli offers all three! She usually works while streaming at, and will also occasionally accept commissions to work while offline (please see artist for details!).

If you're interested, I HIGHLY recommend sending her a note to get the ball rolling!

Bernie Sennenhund©Dereck_Dingo