I do all sorts of fun art- from G rated to XXX. If I had a 'specialty' I think most people would say it was art that shows a lot of emotion (though bondage would come in a close second). I stream quite often at Feel free to 'subscribe' via the button on that page to be notified when I stream! :)

Note: you do not have permission to re-post my art without at the very least linking back to one of my galleries in the information/tags/description. Please do not 'write an article', using MY work to get attention for your musings, and then post it under visual art. I do not currently plaster water marks all over my art, and I do not wish to have to do so to avoid this sort of nonsense.

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FA issue solved

on 23 May 2016 at 17:40:55 MDT

For those of you who are/were in the same boat I was in:

The email I used to register the account was one of the ones that microsoft got rid of about two years ago. They evidently swept a ton of .live emails, and a few others from what I can gather. Now, I would have known about this at the time as I'm really not that irresponsible- but that's about the same time my little one was born. Which means it probably got to be one of those, "I'll correct it soon" type situations and never quite got around to it... and eventually just flat out forgot.

When the FA admins got back to me with a 'hint' about the email I informed them of the issue and they allowed me to retrieve the account via some other forms of verification.

I really hope that everyone else gets their accounts back, too!

That being said, I will continue to update both this site and my FN. I do also have a twitter which already tweets when I am streaming, but I will start to post some more artwork there, too.

Here's the account for FN for anyone who crosses over that way:
Here's my twitter:

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