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[C - Oli Snowpaw] New Personal Best! by Dereck Dingo

[C - Oli Snowpaw] New Personal Best!

Dereck Dingo

Bernie was born a down-home country girl, and spent much of her early life working on her family's ranch in Montana, so she's no stranger to heavy lifting. Owing to her her Bernese Mountain Dog heritage, she has densely packed muscles that leave her looking deceptively lithe. Here, with the help and encouragement of her friend and spotter Ru, she achieves a new personal bench pressing record of 200 lbs. Definitely not her regular routine, but she rose to the challenge!

Wanted to show off Bernie's natural physical strength, and Oli_Snowpaw Oli_Snowpaw was kind enough to indulge me!

See the original here:

Bernie Sennenhund & Ru Melbourne©Dereck_Dingo