My Very Own Cow Butt! by deniseunicorn

World RXS-2679: Part 3
"My Very Own Cow Butt!"
Inspired by this drawing:

[Begin Video Transcription]

Video starts playing showing the inside of a barn. In front of the camera is one female human and in the background is one standard female Holstein cow.

Denise: "There we go! The video is recording now. Please state your name and what you want to be to the camera please."

Denise walks into frame holding what looks to be VA-C4-710N Forms for the human.

Hereford: "Hello! I am Hereford Angus. I am here at 'Denise's One Horn Ranch' to take a vacation as a standard Holstein cow."

Hereford waves at the camera. Denise nods.

Denise: "Good!" Denise flips though the pages. "So, what made you decide to come to my ranch here to take a vacation? Please say you really like cows.."

Hereford giggles and nods to Denise.

Hereford: "Yes I do! Ever since I grew up on my parents farm, I watched the cows go in to get milked. All the mooing I would hear from the milking barn... my goodness! I just.... really like cows! You know? That.... and... if you're already a cow, you can't catch bovid-91!"

Denise grins, and nods to Hereford.

Denise: "Yes yes! I can really see that! You just don't need to tell me a reason you want to be a cow. I've heard them all before. Once you are a cow, do you think you'd ever.... ahem... mingle with the bulls here on the ranch?"

Denise gives Hereford a grin a little bit of an eyebrow wriggle.

Hereford: "Oh yea yea... I know the bulls here. I do understand completely that when I am all cow, instincts are very hard to ignore. I don't care too much. If things happen, they happen!"

Denise nods to Hereford.

Denise: "Understood completely. Let's see... says here you want to stay here for... 5 years? Wow. That's a good chunk of change! Oooooh wait, holding out that can make a vaccine for bovid-91?"

Hereford nods enthusiastically to Denise.

Denise: "Okay then! I think we're ready! I will give you one more chance to back out of this. Are you really sure you want to be a cow?"

Hereford takes a big breath in... then exhales.

Hereford: "Yes. I'm ready! My forms are signed, payment to you all squared away, and my psychiatrist has given the okay!"

Denise nods to Hereford.

Denise: "Okay then! So, one cow transformation coming up!"

*Denise's horn flares up into a glow, while a soft wine noise starts to pitch up. Looks like Denise is gathering the magical energy."

Hereford: "I have NEVER seen a unicorn like you. Most that I've seen are all just pastel colored. And they like to paint on their flanks. But you? Your horn is so different than theirs!"

Denise: "Oh me? Well... yea. I am a unicorn. But... Let's jusy say that.... I'm a very unique unicorn!"

With Denise's horn is now all charged up, she looks right at Hereford. A big bright bolt of unicorn magic flings out from her horn and strikes Hereford right in the chest! There is this kerzap sound followed by crackling and magical discharges that flicker over Hereford's form.

Hereford: takes a big gasp and holds her hands to her chest "Oh my... that... tickles! It.. feels so warm. So tingly!"

Already Hereford's form radically starts to alter. Horns push out grow out from her head. Her ears fan out forming cow ears. This magic works fast! A cow's tail is already pushing out from her behind while an udder is poking out from under her shirt.

Denise: "Oh shoot! I forgot to..." There is the sound of fabric ripping. "... have you remove your clothes. Doesn't seem to matter now. Hah!"

Hereford looks back at her form and looks down at her cow tail.

Hereford: "Oh my! A cow butt of my very own!"

Once Hereford said that, the cow a bit behind them perks up with a questioning look on her face. Then she looks back at Hereford.

Hereford: "This is so fun and neat.. and... soOOOOoo.. CoooOOOOOOOol."

Hereford then cups her hands over her face covering her mouth. Wait... make that her newly formed forehooves instead of hands. She goes down to all fours and... Well, of course this cow transformation process does take about 15 minutes to finish. And, Denise doesn't pay be enough to totally describe the whole process to you! So, in the end, in place of a female human is now a standard Holstein cow. There are scraps of cloth on the ground around her.

Hereford: She gives out a loud moo.

Denise claps her hands.

Denise: "Yes! My dear lady... you are now a cow! If you will please... go see my farmhands over in the milk stalls. They would love to get you all setup for your first milking!"

Hereford is seen nodding to Denise. She then walks off heading for the milking stalls in the barn.

Denise: looks to the other cow in the background "Oh hey.. Could you go follow her and get milked first, just so she can see how it's done here?"

The background cow nods to Denise, and walks along with Hereford.

Denise: "And that is one more cow for my farm! Oh! Better stop the tape..."

Denise is seen walking to behind the camera. Moments later there is the sound of a beep. Then the whole screen fills with static. The end!

[End Video Transcription]

My Very Own Cow Butt!


19 November 2020 at 06:43:16 MST

World RXS-2679: Part 3
"My Very Own Cow Butt!"

I did this one in a video transcription format. I got inspired by this ( picture, and wrote out this little story.

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