Taking a Clucking Vacation by deniseunicorn

World RXS-2679: Part 2
"Taking a Clucking Vacation"

I was told to write down in a journal about my experience here at "Denise's One Horn Ranch". It was a bright shiny day when the bus I was on drove up the ranch's drive. We all filed out and onto the front yard of the house. Oh yes! I should introduce myself. My name is Silkie Gallus. Now, don't let the name fool you, I am female. And I am here at this ranch to take a vacation. I was hoping that I could at least get away from all this bovid-91 nonsense in the world and just be something that won't let me get infected by that disease. I do know that some sufferers of that disease are living here at the ranch. But it seems that after the virus has run its course, you are not infectious anymore. Even the president got the disease. What I find funny is, they confirmed that her milk just tastes like really sour buttermilk. Welp, can't win on that front now can you. Ahem! Sorry, I'm getting off track. I'm here to take a vacation as a chicken.

Why a chicken you may ask? Well, I don't know. I've always liked chickens for some reason. My friend Leghorn took a vacation here as a chicken too, and he said it was so relaxing and all of his stress just melted away. Of course, he said that all the egg laying was.... something that he eventually got used to. So yeah, there's that. But other than that, he said the vacation refreshed him! ...... Until he caught bovid-91. Anyway, yeah. Take a vacation here as a chicken. Hopefully it'll be painless and easy. As far as I know, Denise has pretty good chicken coops here and I've heard she takes care and feeds all her chickens well. And to be honest, I do kinda want to see what it feels like laying eggs.

As I stood there watching the house with all the others, the front door opens. Out comes this white unicorn! Yea! A unicorn, can you believe it? And, she was looking at all of us as we're holding our VA-C4-710N Forms for her to look over! A unicorn! I knew they were a bit rare here on Earth, but seeing one in person? To top it all off? She was walking on two legs instead of the more common four leg variety! She was the common white. But her mane and flowing tail was this nearly glowing red color, almost like... fire! But it only looked like fire. And her horn! You should of seen that thing! It was nothing I've ever seen! Most unicorns just have that pearl colored twisted horn! Maybe a few might have a solid pastel color to it. But Denise's horn? Her horn was glowing all the colors of the rainbow! It was black at the base and red at the tip! It was... awesome! She also had these odd looking hands. And her nails were really thick. And, I think, her nails and her hooves looked like they were made out of solid gold! They were so shiny! And her clothes? It looked like she was wearing this bra like thing over her chest and was wearing these blue denim shorts. I felt like I was a kid in a toy store winning the big unicorn plushie contest! Ahem! Again, getting off topic.

Denise took us on a tour of her ranch. She showed us what she all does here. We first toured the barns and pastures where all the horses and other equines are at. There were so many there! There was a few stallions and mares. Also, donkeys and ponies and goats, oh my! It also seemed that some of them ether hadn't changed all the way yet, or they didn't want to go the four legged option. They were walking on two legs! Then we checked out the pig sty. Ooh boy. You could smell that the pigs were active on that sty. Veeeeeery active! We didn't stay long there. Next, she took us to the chicken coop! I took great care to study that place. Also, I wanted to pick out a good nesting spot I could use once the... procedure was complete. Good! There's no roosters. So I don't have to worry about offspring. We then went over to the cow barn. She showed off all the bulls and cows that she had there vacationing. There was one cow she showed us that happened to be a bovid-91 sufferer. She said that her name was Carlos... or now Cowlos as the cow wanted to be called. She saw her in the milking stall getting milked! Boy! Cowlos was just a happy little cow as the milkers was just pumping away. She let out a long moo every now and then, like, she was enjoying the milking! Denise said it didn't take long for her to start letting the bull have their way with her. Whew! Hopefully the effects of bovid-91 will fade in time!

After showing us her animal section, she showed us her farm section. There was this big field of corn growing. But it didn't look normal. One side of a corn looked blue while the other side of the corn was pink. And, there was these rows and rows of signs next to the corn. The signs displayed the universal biohazard symbol with the text "Warning: Genetically altered crops." A serial number of some kind was displayed in large bold print under the text, "RT-675." Denise explained to us that this corn was altered to turn people into chickens! Apparently, the blue corn is the one that changes the person while the pink corn acts like an antidote and reverses the chicken change. She then explained how the corn works. From what she told us, when you first eat the blue corn, your belly will rapidly fill up with eggs. As you eat the blue corn even more, that is when you start to grow the feathers and your features start turning chicken. The more you change into a chicken, you lay a lot fewer eggs, but you lay them more often. Problem with being half chicken is that, the corn does something that really makes you act like a chicken. She says that you're just compelled to act more and more like a chicken. And once you're all chicken, you're... all chicken. She makes sure you're all fed and stuff, and she offers plenty of stuff for nest making. Also, one more thing about the blue corn is, once you eat that corn... you feel compelled to eat more of the blue corn. So eventually, the blue corn will change you all the way into a chicken. And, when your done with your vacation, eating the pink corn will change you back into a human.

She finished showing us the rest of her ranch. Then she brought us back to her house as we started giving her our forms to look over so she can assign us to whatever sections we wanted to go into. When she got to my forms, she confirmed that I wanted to be a chicken for a few years. She asked me what method I want done to do the transformation. I picked the corn route. So, here I am, ready to become a chicken! I've already had my first "dose" of blue corn. And... the eggs. Wow... so many eggs! Can't wait to eat more corn! So hungry! It's getting harder and harder to write in the journal... as I bet your starting to have a hard time reading my... chicken-scratch? Heeheehee! I need to end this journal before I can't write anymore. If you are looking for a good vacation spot? "Denise's One Horn Ranch" really hits that spot! This is Silkie Gallus, clucking off!

Taking a Clucking Vacation


14 November 2020 at 21:45:26 MST

World RXS-2679: Part 2
"Taking a Clucking Vacation"

The second in a series of information on my World RXS-2679 setting. This time I decided to make this one into a journal style outlining bits of information that.... forgot to add on the first part.

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