Press Start! by Deaglen

Press Start!


30 June 2014 at 16:23:39 MDT

Your peaceful camping trip to Cedar Valley turns into a fight for survival after one of your friends is murdered.
Choose from one of four characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and unravel the mystery behind this brutal act!

Playing around in Graphics Gale again, decided to make a fake start screen for a game with my characters, huhu. < u>

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    Looks like Sam has been up to shenanigans again.

    Sounds like a pretty cool idea for a game. I would play it. :I

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      Seems that way, or maybe he's a red herring! Who knows! >:3c

      Lol thank you though! If I ever did make something with RPG maker I'm sure it would be a short little game, but I'd hope it was fun!

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    Yup, I knew it. XD

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      Ahaha yeah can't pull the wool over your eyes! Honestly I'm really interested in RPG maker, just don't know where to start with it. XD

      I don't think I'd make something about these guys, but I'd make something and hopefully it would go over well, haha.

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    I totally didn't try to click one of the characters to play.

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      I totally did not try doing the same.

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      Maybe someday! T vT I'm gonna try and see if I can learn to make music/put it with my gifs. And possibly some small interactive stuff.

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    I am totally enticed to play this game and totally jumped to the end of the comment looking for a link haha. Such a fun idea. c:

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      Thanks! Graphics Gale is a super fun and easy program to use. I'll probably make some more things like this, and who knows maybe one day I'll finally dive into making something big!

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    I wish this was real, cries softly

    now I'm interested in the character Sam 8|

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      XD I have a lot to learn before it can happen, but I'm getting there!

      And thank you! ; v; I'm always happy when someone likes my characters! He's... a big complicated baby, haha.

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    As co-creator of these characters I give but one hint: there is only one innocent in this picture. but WHO