...Except When He's Multitasking by Daze

...Except When He's Multitasking


9 April 2013 at 15:19:02 MDT

Was fun to stream this.

And to think all of this started with me just asking caninewriter "Right, I need ideas, what should I draw. ~w~"

For those of you who know my art level/style well, you will probably notice this was drawn with a ref, lololol. Was looking to draw a horse/muscle practise picture, and when I came across a certain picture, I just had to have the pose and body, it was perfect. It looked like a horse doing fitness or working out to me, which matches Allister rather well. So after hours and numerous attempts of reproducing the reference picture, looking in all my books about anatomy, animals, poses etc,... I was finally able to spawn this. Whew. (Ref picture used was http://chrissawyerart.deviantart.com/art/Working-horse-24205486 awesome work~ )

Well, he IS still a fitness nut, but, why do only one kind of training? Why do cardio when you can do a bit of weight training at the same time, right? To Allister it's all in the way you look at it. Sure, some might look at it as a brutal act of swallowing someone whole and not even caring about them. Some might look at it as a tireless horse doing someone a favor by keeping them warm and comfy and safe as he continues his routine. To Allister, it's always welcome, and it's never going to fill him up entirely.

Allister/art © moi

Ref pic used © Chris Sawyer

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