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"We need to talk..." by DataPacRat

"We need to talk..."


"... I want to start wearing my own clothes. Commission some lingerie designs. Maybe get a piercing or two."

"... We need to start setting some personal boundaries."

"... I found your stash."

"... I think we should change our deodorant."

"... about getting a girl-friend. Or boy-friend. Or whatever-friend."

"... blep."

"... about your drinking. We're digital, and can't get drunk without a software patch; we should start going out and socializing more."

"... Are you cheating on me?"

"... about your performance. That latest mind-patch bit of software has really done a number on you, and I think we need to discuss rolling you back to your last backup..."

"... How many licks does it take to get to the centre of a Tootsie Pop?"

"... about that two thousand you owe me."

Picture by Valyce Negative ( )