Intelligence analysis excerpt by DataPacRat

Intelligence analysis excerpt


26 March 2013 at 05:05:31 MDT

Whether or not any of Earth's governments officially recognize the validity of the government of Eichsfeldia, the realpolitik facts remain that Dee and the rest of the Bayesian Nakama are effectively in control of the place... including its merchant marine of around a half-dozen superfreighters... any one of which could easily be redirected to collect some asteroids to drop onto Earthly targets. Thus, those small portions of Earth's governments which are actually concerned with such minor details as 'survival of the state' and 'avoiding having WMDs used on their population', instead of such important matters as jockeying at the legislative trough for an extra piece of pork to distribute to their supporters, consider it part of their jobs to know as much as possible about the members of the Bayesian Nakama.

They are somewhat hampered by Dee having joined a revolutionary cell during the Blue Revolution, where she learned a great deal about appearing innocent to the surveillance state; and, more recently, by her having moved to space, and then moving all the way to the asteroid belt, and then replacing all the Earth-manufactured, spyware-riddled computer chips with locally-manufactured ones. Still, enough data exists - forum posts, public statements, social networking connections, traffic analysis, etc - for at least one hard-working, low-level Earthly intelligence analyst to have tried putting together a report for his somewhat-less-hard-working superiors, focusing on what might be helpful for an infiltrator to know to try to get close to Dee, to attempt sabotage or assassination...

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