Life and Voyages in Weirdtopia by DataPacRat

Life and Voyages in Weirdtopia


24 April 2016 at 08:24:41 MDT

Drawn by Cervelet ( ). Based on dream-ideas mentioned in and .

The society of The Future may have citizens of body-shapes ranging from natural-looking coyotes to ostrich-taurs, but the majority of the infrastructure is still based around a default body-plan that's at least roughly humanoid. While accommodations similar to present-day disability access are fairly universal, that still doesn't help when a door-knob is several body-lengths above your head, or you're at a flea-market where all the tables are similarly difficult to access.

Fortunately, The Future also has all sorts of useful infrastructure working invisibly in the background, using algorithms that make Amazon's "If you liked X, you might like..." look like "Hello world". Even before my rat-skeleton-robot-embodied self even knew what he wanted himself, predictive algorithms had already placed an order to take a used maid-bot that had just been put up for sale, have it customized, and brought to a delivery node just out of sight; so that as soon as I started realizing I could use such a device, it was already walking towards me, ready for me to move in.

After that moment, I customized my living space to a degree - some Christmas lights, a rat-sized TV (otherwise known as a smartphone) to watch from a comfy little hammock, a bit of a workspace, and the like.

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