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Cheese and Tunes (Scitty Kitty) by Darkwitt

Cheese and Tunes (Scitty Kitty)


Nymfi suggested Kai's gotta get out there to help push Cognizant. It's not enough to be the leader, he has to be an ICON. Darkwitt was all about working in the background but cognizant itself he was the master of ceremonies. 

Kai was never much of a gamer but his brother Jasper was, and with the resources and revenue Cognizant pulled in, there was budget he could throw around. 

Enter ZonkN'Roll. A wacky cartoony game where you star the titular Kai Tyde as he rocks out and dashes to the goal while zonkin' out soldiers, drones, and magical thralls, all to get that sweet sweet mega guitar and jam out for the world to hear. 

Kai Tyde asked the devs why he looked so wacky and dialed back on the sex appeal and the lead designer reassured him that 'plenty of people find him sexy as this kind of cartoony.'

he didn't know how to feel about that. 

Available on most platforms! Gamestayshun 5, The Brick 7, Nohwai, Locomoativ, Swap, and the Noodl Slithia 687.

Preorder bonus comes with your very own Kai Tymogotchi. where you can feed and rock out with your own little rocker dragon. If you starve him, he makes fun of your tiny penis. 

Gift from DuckKingXI featuring Kai Tyde as a pizza tower character. I have never played this game but I think I might need to at some point. 

Artwork by ScittyKitty

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