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A Zoroark's Beck and Call by Dark Violet (critique requested)

A Zoroark's Beck and Call (critique requested)

Dark Violet

He's such a proud thing. He likes to help others, always the gentleman, taking great extents in personal appearance... hah. "Prim and Proper", isn't that what they say, somewhere? Describes him perfectly.

Well, it would if he had his way. But when someone comes to me, and offers themselves as my pet? They already know what they've got coming to them.

Prim and Proper, high and mighty... let's see how much of that stands at the end of a leash...

Okay, so this is a piece I started ages ago and only just got around to finishing. I didn't really care for it when resuming work, but now? I rather like it! So yeah, I'm glad I stuck to it, and this is a pairing I'll have to acknowledge in the future :3

So what's the story behind it?

I really like to see Firenze as a very self-concious, kind and considerate, gentlemanly creature. He's always doing things because they're proper, because it's the right thing to do. He's not one to frequent clubs, but libraries, and is self-assured in his actions.

But to someone who lives that kind of life, sometimes, the exact opposite can see... alluring. A guilty pleasure; and at Café Plaisir, guilty pleasures are the dish of the day, every day. Our dignified Ninetales goes to bed the help of Ravage, the Zoroark who lets actions speak louder than words.

Now the Zoroark's pet, Firenze has to obey his orders - and his Master seems to have worked out the right way to tear the Fox Pokémon from his shell.

(Is there more to this story? Of course! However, this'll all come in due time~)

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