Winds of Nippon by Dark Violet

Winds of Nippon

Dark Violet

14 October 2017 at 16:26:44 MDT

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Another commission for 1tiamat1!

This time, they wanted their character in the Okami style, and told me to draw based on how the game made me feel. A fun suggestion~

Well, looking back, I suppose what grabbed me about Okami was twofold; firstly, a vibrant, open world of myth and legend, where each tree and every outcrop of rock feels like it drips with lore and life. This is only helped along by the second aspect, which of course is the art style - it does truly feel sometimes like you're playing through an ancient scroll itself, living the life of Amaterasu Okami.

So, I tried to represent that here - the world that feels so large and alive, the freedom and delight that jump from the experience, and the art which remains with me to this day.

Enjoy ^w^

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Cynder (c) 1tiamat1
Okami (c) Clover Studios/Capcom

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