[EF23] Dark Violet's Badge by Dark Violet

[EF23] Dark Violet's Badge

Dark Violet

1 August 2017 at 16:14:57 MDT

The Goa'uld are a pathetic race of snake-like parasites that inhabit the minds of slaves to do their bidding. They're pathetic, melodramatic, with an ego bigger than their spaceship and a propensity for thinking that they're ancient egyptian gods. And honestly, there's only room for one of us around here, so...

Hey folks! Just letting you know that I'm going to Eurofurence 23!

This will be my badge while I'm there, so if you wanna find me be sure to look for the long-haired nerd wearing it.

More details about my time at Eurofurence can be found in the journal HERE, including a panel I'm hosting alongside the wonderful BRN.Quil - Making a Sparkledog!

Hope to see some of you folks there - take care, and in the meantime, enjoy~

(PS: That's a Goa'uld, from Stargate. They pretend to be Egyptian gods, and EF23's theme is Ancient Egypt, so... yeah. Told you I was a nerd.)

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