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Hey there! ^w^

I'm just a random furry who loves music, drawing and playing videogames!
I'm currently studying music and mathematics applied to computerscience ^w^ I'm working ona videogame project.

I don't draw that much often because I've been focusing on music ^^ But I do draw as well!
I think I'm very sociable myself, so if you ever want to talk or have any trouble, don't doubt on talking to me! Send a message!

I'm currently making Musical Commissions and they are OPEN OPEN OPEN! >w<
I'm mostly keen on making OC's themes ^^ But if you have another request appart from a character theme. You can ask for it as well.

The price for the commission is $15 and I only accept PayPal :3

If you wanna check out my work, just go to my YouTube channel ^w^ I upload more stuff there!

Tonda Gossa!

Latest Journal

Updates and Commissions reminder

Very well, as you might have already seen, I've been uploading lots of stuff lately... well, ok. Not THAT much. But I'm trying to upload at least more of what I usually would. Of course what I mean with update is that you also know what's been going on with my life and all. Right now I've been having some troubles with college and all, appart from that I've been pretty busy, yet full of inspiration, so I hope I can work on more compositions so you can listen to them!

On the other hand, I'm updating all of my art pages so you can listen to my music on all of them. On deviantart (which basically is YouTube), inkbunny, FurAffinity, SoFurry, Weasyl, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


NOW TO THE REAL STUFF! (AKA the commissions, lol)

The commissions are of course musical ones! Music commissions for y'all!

The Price is: >>>> $20 USD<<<<

It can be any type of music. From jazz, to classical, to electronic and 8-bit as well. It can be a theme for any of your characters or as well some music you'd like written.


I've also thought on doing something NEW this time:

I also can make arrangements of pieces you'd like to hear on other styles if you wish!

The Price for this is: >>>>$10<<<<

IMPORTANT: The payment is through PayPal

If you want to listen to some of my works here I leave links of my several art pages for you.


Thanks for reading and don't be afraid to ask for one! ^^

I'll gladly make it and of course. Don't wait for it! There's music waiting for you!

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