Beanie Rockruff SOLD by DarkPheonixCreations

Beanie Rockruff SOLD


7 August 2016 at 02:01:45 MDT

He's sold now thank you :) I will be listing a made to order soon for more of these little guys :)

EDIT made to order now listed in Etsy

I made this second Rockruff so I could test out my new pattern, I'm not sure if I should call it a beanie or floppy pattern right now. This pattern is based off a doodle I made of a Wolf Link plush in this very same pose and the legs done the very same. I didn't make Wolf Link just due to the detail as I wanted something quick I could make for testing the pattern, I will be making a Wolf Link one soon but not just yet. I'm very happy with the pattern as it came out pretty much the very same as the doodle. I also finally got the Pink noses I ordered. I ordered some before and they was the wrong size as the site measured them different to the site I get all my plush noses from. It took me over 2 weeks looking for a UK shop/ seller with the right size of Pink ones. I made this at the same time as the other Rockruff which is why it's all the same shades as the last. When anyone orders a plush in this style you will be able to have it stuffed less and more floppy like this one or stuffed more and less floppy.

Rockruff is made from Shannon minky with machine embroidery eyes and a plastic safety nose, with thread sculpted face, mouth and toes. He also has polly pellets in his front paws and bum for floppy-ness. He's 8 inches long (nose to back feet) and 4 inches tall not including his ear and tail.

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