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I Still Got It! - By Hinotama by darkflamewolf

I Still Got It! - By Hinotama


It's an inevitability that you begin to feel old and out of touch with the current generation. Sometimes it's a comment said here, or a scathing remark there regarding how old you are and how far behind the times you can be, when not even 10 years ago, you were hip on all the latest trends and crazes. Now, it feels like you're washed up and cannot connect with your own children or keep up with whatever new slang or cultural memes and humor they spout off. It's aggravating to know you were once in their position, but now you're in your parent's position, fumbling to make a connection with your child.

So, we find Murana Wolford researching into what her daughter, Taylor, finds 'cool' or 'awesome' these days. It seems the latest fashion trends tended to be these extremely short jean shorts or 'cutoffs' and this ridiculous plastic wrapped faux-leather jacket that barely reached her midriff. Coupled with a shirt or two with Taylor's popular band plastered on front, and Murana completed the look. Of course, she couldn't forget the tail and neck bling to top it off. All said and done, Murana was surprised she managed to fit into these crazy outfits, but she was very pleased that she could and what's more, she actually looked damn good in them! Maybe there was something to be said about the latest generation's style of fashion - she made it look awesome! Perhaps she could discard a few pieces of clothing and take a few more selfies for her current significant other, Sebastian?

Artist: Hinotama -

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