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Working in the Shop - By Free-Opium by darkflamewolf

Working in the Shop - By Free-Opium


Taylor has always been smart and intelligent. She's a very resourceful and adaptable girl. However, so far, I've not yet been able to fully demonstrate her ability to learn new skills and trades in quick fashion in the books. Book 3 does have her learning a new culture and its customs in record time, but I felt we needed to go further. Planned for future books: she becomes a mechanic and learns the art of the machine. She is able to tinker and with Ahya's help in sounding (her unique ability to see through objects with the vibrations in the air), Taylor is able to fix and work with pretty much any type of technology. A skill that is hinted at and being teased with since the start of book 3 when she gains a tutor in Liam McHowl - a tinkerer and inventor himself. Showcasing her ability to hold this technical job based purely on self-taught knowledge and unofficial schooling by others demonstrates her intelligence in a very practical way. Giving her a workshop and job in a later book is always something I've loved to depict and finally I found the perfect artist to realize this vision with gusto and enthusiasm. Taylor and Ahya, two mechanics creating something new.

Artist: Free-Opium -

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