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Pride of Accomplishment - By Tabirs by darkflamewolf

Pride of Accomplishment - By Tabirs


Taken out to the desert to be away from people and the influence of the Script, Taylor found refuge with Liam out near the small town of Dulai. Hidden in a gully a fair distance away from town, she and Liam eked out a meager living in solitude and peace. Although sad she was gone from her two brothers and those she cared about, she figured it best to be alone once more so that she bring no more tragedy to others by her uncanny ability to destroy Script's writing - an action that brought down a horrible entity called the Authority.

Living out in the desert, it was a merciless trial. However, with Liam's expertise, knowledge and training, Taylor learned how to build a house, plant crops and even toil away building new devices and technologies. That year was a whirlwind of learning and trying out new things. One of the things she took the most pride in was building her own garden in the heat of the desert. It was grueling work, but well worth the effort. Being self-sustaining was essential out here and she had to do her part, even if Ahya misunderstood sometimes and watered her rather than the plants!

As time wore on, she got fatigued more easily and felt sluggish. It couldn't be her slothfulness, could it? She was working hard every day out here, but still her belly grew. She'd have to ask Liam about it later on how best to work on her abs - she had really let herself go in the last few months...

Artist: Tabirs -

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