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Under the Umbrella of Love - By TUWKA & MittensTheNoble by darkflamewolf

Under the Umbrella of Love - By TUWKA & MittensTheNoble


I absolutely adore this ship and I honestly cannot wait to get to the part where I can write these two together romantically. Although Jake and Taylor have met prior to the events of book 1 in her series, Jake isn't formally introduced to the reader until book 2 when he reunites with Taylor. I've never been one for a fast romance and I am choosing to do a slow burn over the course of several books before they finally realize and admit their feelings for each other. The fact they are two different species, complete with their own struggles and hurdles also poses problems for their relationship just makes it all the sweeter - but one I'm excited to see them overcome. Like Taylor, Jake is alone and ostracized for not only just being a rabbit in a society that looks down on them as service class mammals, but also as a rabbit with higher dreams and ambitions than his other kin. In a sense, him and Taylor are both struggling through a lot of the same issues and it is heart-warming when they come together and open up themselves to each other.

As much as I'm dying to get to the point where they're together and all the crazy fun I'm gonna have writing them being involved, I still got to get through the books prior to them hooking up. I need to sell their attraction and make it feel earned when they finally do fall into each other's arms. The size and species difference (not to mention age, with Jake actually being older than Taylor by at least 5 years!) just makes this overall pairing adorably cute. So to celebrate my love for these two, I found this diabetes inducing YCH image that just screamed Taylor and Jake. I had the added idea of having Ahya holding a umbrella to keep Jake dry from the storm - something a shy, but flirtatious Taylor would most definitely do for her rabbit. When the time comes for these two to be written on page as a couple, I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do now.

Jake Thumpings owned and used with permission by:

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