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Expecting - By MilkWyvern by darkflamewolf

Expecting - By MilkWyvern


11 May 2021 at 02:36:37 MDT

As a writer, real life truly does write fiction. Throughout my book series, I've used my world experiences to help describe and dictate my thoughts on page. Writing has been a cathartic experience to help me cope and work through my issues and emotions about what has happened to me in life. When my beta readers comment that a certain scene or description felt so real, that's because it was real - I'm merely putting it to words and applying it to my characters and stories. And so it is with Taylor, who will experience a gamut of life events alongside other characters in her book series to help me work through my feelings about them.

It was always planned from the beginning that Taylor would get pregnant and have cubs by the end of her series. Usually such life-changing events for female protagonists that I've seen or read usually happen towards the end of their stories where the consequences following are never dealt with on page or they happen at the start and the rest of the story revolves around working through being a parent. I don't think I've quite seen a story where the female protagonist is single, not a mother, goes through a huge chunk of story across several books, then gets pregnant, deals with the pregnancy, gives birth and still goes several books more on dealing with how to be a parent. It's such a unique arc that I've not seen done often to the degree I plan on writing. This is on top of the oddity of having a tailmaw and everything else happening around Taylor. I'm excited to get to these parts and really explore how this major event changes her life and her as a character - just like it changed me.

This is one such rare moment where she contemplates the new life growing within and is happy that she's able to experience it - having thought previously no one would love her enough, tailmaw and all, to mate with her to produce this budding offspring. Ahya seems excited too to meet the cubs. For those curious, being anthropomorphic wolves, the gestation rate is a mix between a normal wolf's (2 months) and a human's (9 months). For Taylor, in her world and story, it'll be 6 months from conception to birth, with trimesters matching the usual human every two months.

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    If you plan on the character having several kids, will they all be little Tailmaws or do you plan on having them a bit mixed up?

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      Can't really say without spoiling some plot details on the series. So my answer will be: they will be distinctly Taylor's kids. ;)