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You Can Do This - By SeanWaald by darkflamewolf

You Can Do This - By SeanWaald


1 May 2021 at 23:02:20 MDT

Although it may not seem like it when she was on stage commanding the crowd with her confidence and attitude, Taylor was very much anxious about herself when performing. Every concert just before stepping out of the dressing room, she would have a mini-panic attack. What if they found out her tail was real and not some stage prop? What if she was just a fraud and her popularity would plummet? Since their band leader Ramon forbade most of her bandmates to converse, hang out or even be near her, being the dick that he was, Taylor was more or less alone - being used only because she brought the band sudden fame by merely existing and having the talents that she did. So often with no one else to rely on for support, she drummed up her own inner courage and confidence by talking to herself in the mirror. She was good at singing. She did thrash that guitar like no one else. She could hit those low growls when no one else could. The crowd did come to see her and her freaky tail. She could do this. She has done this. Now it was time to get out there and sing!

Artist: SeanWaald -