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Best I Could Do - By WetSealky by darkflamewolf

Best I Could Do - By WetSealky


Another concept piece for a scene far into the future in Taylor's series. In a world that has gone to complete crap because of recent events, Taylor is left mostly by herself and her young cub - seeking refuge and protection in a world that has so little of it. By chance they come across an abandoned playground, left to rot for an undetermined amount of time. Taylor decides to take a quick break to allow her daughter some time to play and be a kid, if only for a brief moment. While Ahya is occupied pushing the swing, Taylor is left to her dark thoughts. In a world gone mad, how could she possibly give her cub the type of childhood she only barely remembered with her mother, Murana? This moment of solace and levity for her child was the best she could do and Taylor hated that she couldn't do more.

Art Done by: WetSealky - FurAffinity Account:

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    poor taylor shes had such a painful life i feel so bad for her and her child

    loved to read her series when its out

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      Book 1 is currently released. It is titled: Legend of Ahya - Target of Interest. Book 2 is finished and I'm getting that ready for publication next year.

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        nice hope the series does well for you^^