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The Path Ahead - By KateRezonate by darkflamewolf

The Path Ahead - By KateRezonate


There are ideas that stick out in your mind so clearly that you must put them down on paper or visualize them in some form lest they vanish into thin air. Sometimes it is concepts or plotlines that strike me suddenly that immediately make everything else I'm working on with Taylor's series fall into place. This concept art piece is so far into the future, towards the end of her book series, that I cannot really describe what's in the picture. How they got here, why they're together and what certain details mean. None of it I can really delve into without spoilering something big. So rest assured, this is nothing but a sneak peek into the potential scope of where I plan to take Taylor's series. As we all know, this may not exactly happen as depicted. Concept pieces are just that - ideas for future works that may or may not reflect the original vision. For now, enjoy a peek of what might be.

Artist: KateRezonate -