Not Now, Ahya! - By Koul by darkflamewolf

Not Now, Ahya! - By Koul


18 November 2020 at 08:55:27 MST

When you have a tailmaw that cannot communicate vocally, it can be hard to interpret what it wants. Is it hungry? Is it angry? Is it sad? Is it playful? Is it naughty? Sometimes even Taylor has a hard time figuring out what Ahya wants from her or others. Over time, they have developed a sort of series of nonvocal gestures and/or actions that are mutually understood. It's limited, but it does serve as an effective means of communication. However in instances like this, it is quite clear what Ahya wants. She wants to play fetch! Taylor throws the stick, Ahya uses the soundwaves from its impact on a surface to pinpoint its location and stretches far to retrieve it only to have Taylor throw it again. It's both an exercise for stretching the limits of how far Ahya can reach and her ability to navigate the environment on the feel of soundwaves alone. It's also one of the few ways she can play with Taylor, maybe a bit too much. Taylor isn't always in the mood for fetch!

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    No monster tail is her best pet friend.