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Dragon Rider - By LittleBadWolf by darkflamewolf

Dragon Rider - By LittleBadWolf


15 November 2020 at 08:30:45 MST

Not even six months ago, I was not sure how to incorporate my dragon girl, Llydia, into Taylor's story. However, inspiration hit one evening and it was from then on, I knew a way that she could be included into the overall narrative and world. In a short span of a month, I planned out a good chunk of the remaining arcs that go across all six books that will consist of Taylor's books and I nailed down exactly when, where, why and how Llydia would appear. I even nailed down her personality, which is delightful and I can't wait to show you all! That and this sort of imagery of Taylor going into battle atop a dragon was too awesome to ignore. So expect great and amazing things to happen in the final few books (years from now when they're released)! Just know that I had planned it all out here, at the start, when book 1 was written. All foreshadowing leads to this and many other cool, kick ass scenes. Prepare yourself!

Artist: LittleBadWolf -