Going Back for Seconds - By Veyz by darkflamewolf

Going Back for Seconds - By Veyz


26 October 2020 at 09:47:13 MDT

When Taylor is hungry, Ahya is hungry. When Taylor is starving, Ahya is starving. Whatever Ahya eats and dissolves inside her maw gets transferred to Taylor's stomach. If Taylor is still not full from that and whatever she eats for herself, Ahya will go hunting for more food. As helpful as it is having a tailmaw that contributes to your overall 'fullness' factor when you're hungry, sometimes it is nice to be able to taste and eat the food yourself. There is a certain satisfaction of eating your own food and not just handing it over to your tailmaw and get robbed of that pleasure. So when Taylor does the generous thing and orders a sideplate for her tailmaw to eat alongside her, Ahya gets greedy and wants some of the noodles out of Taylor's bowl as well! Taylor is having none of that! These are her noodles and she's going to enjoy them, dammit! Also, eating with your tailmaw in public is typically not recommended however, bystanders might get the wrong idea.

Artist: Veyz - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/veyz/