Danger is currently incarcerated for being a furry artist apparently and is being held on no valid or legal charges in Multnomah county Oregon.

Their reasoning/warrant/excuse at first was an accusation of bestiality,and there is NO evidence whatsoever of that so now they are saying its because FURRY is bestiality.

They are saying it is bestiality based on furry drawn images and videos of consenting adults in fursuits,and drawings. of animals.

Apparently the lawmakers in Oregon have so much free time they think this is an issue so if you live in Oregon and enjoy furry,beware. They are making laws and rules not in your favor and arresting and charging people with felonies for furry adult art and adult furry activities and trying to make anyone prosecuted a sexual offender status for life.

For Danger this is all something that could be stopped in its tracks if he was able to afford a paid attorney,but since he cant,they are pushing and nobody can stop them because nobody with the financial means will step up,and these laws and rules are being changed as this is being written.

If you would like to help Danger fight this and you can spare any amount please donate via paypal to

Everything goes to helping Him,and we are about 5k short of being able to afford an attorney.

Thank you.

I am Danger! Yes...Danger Doberman! Don't be alarmed though; I'm only a Danger to my enemies. Take that any way you want. I thank God for all the brains, looks and talent I've been blessed with, and also for all of my fans out there. Yes I do believe in God and Jesus, but I am not religious.

Good at many things from sewing, leather working, clay sculpting, 3D modeling, architecture, welding, wood working, decent cook and list goes on.

Despite what you've heard or seen about me from whatever source, I suggest you actually get to know me and use your own brain before jumping to any conclusions. I'm not as bad or have done anything wrong or as bad as I'm made to be. Unfortunately, jealousy and ignorance is a disease everywhere.

Much obliged for watching if you already have or plan to do so.

Ya'll take care now. God bless you all, even my enemies for whom I love as well >:O



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Just reminder that Dangers Barnaby Fursuit is up for auction here:

Somebody is gonna get a really good deal :3

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