A visit to the store by DaeBelly (critique requested)

A visit to the store

Svia trudged through the store, keeping track of both the contents of the shelves and moving around to mimic a normal pregnancy to blend in. Blushing and slightly baring her teeth with each movement(and subsequent wave of pleasure and slight discomfort), she picked up a loaf of bread and a bunch of bananas, putting them into a carrying cart and walking. Going to the checkout, she saw a blue fox rushing out of the building. She was curious but shrugged it off.
Setting the two items on the conveyor belt, the cashier looked at Svia's distended, pink belly. "Pardon me, miss, how many are you having?" Svia blinked and blushed, stopping the movement in surprise. "U-um... Just one." The cashier held back a gasp. "Th-that must be one big baby, then." She shrugged and giggled lightly. "Y-yeah, you could say that." The cashier grinned. "Who's the lucky guy?" Svia smiled. "Well... Normally it'd be my mate, Ryu, but this one was a bit more of a spell result. Or so I suspect." The cashier nodded, scanning the items. "I feel for ya. My cousin has a pregnancy that's almost the same size. It'll be hard to birth that one." Svia shrugged and smiled lightly, worried. "Y-yup." The cashier bagged the two items and gave the bag to Svia. After paying, she left promptly.
"That went better than expected," she mumbled on the way out, eager to get back home to experiment with her new condition.

Inspired by http://marshmallowlikefluff.deviantart.com 's grocery store story!

A visit to the store (critique requested)


17 September 2016 at 20:24:23 MDT

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