A familiar occupant by DaeBelly (critique requested)

A familiar occupant (critique requested)


17 September 2016 at 20:21:19 MDT

Digitized with http://ewequeen.deviantart.com 's permission(and modified)

Svia lied back in her home, Ryu asleep on the couch(having recently downsized himself, now back to his former lean appearance with a beach ball sized baby bump). She gazed at her belly curiously. No slime to birth for the last three days. Unusual, as she had been consistently pushing out a strange light blue slime for the past several months. Aside from the occasional groan from her packed belly, she had no way of knowing there was still something in there besides air. She shrugged and sat back against the couch, sitting on the floor as there was little space left on the couch. She leaned back and closed her eyes, dozing off.

Svia felt her eyes open to see a reddish dim light around her, and felt warm and soaked. She blinked and put a hand on the wall, and felt a sensation in her abdomen. She shrugged it off and relaxed, despite the area being somewhat cramped. She felt weight being pressed against part of her belly- which, looking at it, was flat. 'Something's wrong here...' she thought to herself. Dozing off again, she woke up again and first saw the normal room. She yawned and stretched. "Must've been a dream..." she mumbled, and blinked. She then began to see the same sight from the 'dream,' while still seeing the room itself. In the dark room, she pushed on one of the walls and outside of it, watched as part of her belly showed movement. She blushed seeing how far part of her belly had just been pushed out. Withdrawing from within, she tried the same thing again and gritted her teeth feeling the movement. She gazed at her belly afterwards, puzzled. Inside, she continued moving, and seeing the results on the outside. "So... I'm inside and outside? Weird..." She shrugged and continued moving from inside, now entertained by the movement.

So, Svia now is essentially pregnant with herself. Weird, right?

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