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I love birds and I like drawing, reading, and writing. I can somewhat sew and also craft, but I’m no pro. I’m also into videogames although I’m not very good at most of them. I really like pokemon and acnl, I’ve been playing them for a really long time. Feel free to follow or unfollow, I really don’t mind. ☆
I'm here for the fun and to relax, nothing else

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☼Surprise bitch☼

on 10 November 2015 at 18:15:19 MST

bet you thought you'd seen the last of me!!!!!!!!

This meme is old and overused but yeah, I have returned.
I have been living in Germany since august and I guess things are slowly getting better at fucking last. However I refuse to let my guard down just yet...
I haven't been drawing much, and all I've made is real media, copics stuff mostly. I'm planning to post it all gradually as soon as I get teh chance, which I hope will happen soon.
I'm also thinking about posting my old art (2010-2014) just so I can have it all in one place and also because seeing how I have improved makes me feel motivated to improve more. Also it's kind of endearing imo...
I may also post some old cosplay pics since I'm feeling pretty fucking nostalgic at the moment, so expect that too I guess. Man I havent cosplayed since november 2014, I kinda miss it... soon... please...

And last but not least: big juicy ✧fuck you✧ to the lame individual who decided to block me for no fucking reason after I've been nothing but a literal angel to them. It's so sad, to think I wanted to give your art a fave and I got the "you can't because you've been blocked" message. Hope you enjoy your paranoid soltitude, don't bother to come back at me, no longer interested. And this is all I'm going to say on the matter because you're just not relevant enough for me to waste any more words on you.
凸( ¬_¬)凸

Everybody else I hope you have a fantastic day*✲゚*。⋆

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    Thank you so much for the follow! <3

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      You're very welcome!☆

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    Yo Cyn, thanks so much for the fave :) You made my day!

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      No problem C: Nice picture!

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    Thanks for the watch! ^w^!

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      anytime ;w; gorgeous gallery!

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        D'aw you are too kind! Thank you so much, I hope to keep you entertained with my work ^u^!

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    Thanks for faving!