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Lemur concepts by Cyborg-Lucario

Lemur concepts


Made some cocept art for future characters in Heavenly Kyuubi.

Kit is a lemur android built by Kim to be a zoo keeper and a tour guide (and could technically be considered an uncle for Kiroo and his siblings). He loves his job and wants to make sure everyone will have a good time. He has a sweet spot especially for an organic lemur girl but he has a hard time opening up to her.

Tachibana Michi is a young lemur who just turned twenty and is a kind soul who is fascinated by animals. She also gets concerned whenever Kit overheats, which seems to only happen around her. She likes listening to audio books.

One day Kit got captured by operatives of D.E.A.T.H and got convinced by one of their executives to reconstruct him into a "superhero" on par with if not stronger than all the Heavenly Kyuubi robots combined, and also gain the confidence in speaking with the woman he love. What he didn't know was that as King Lemuria, he would become the organizations most dangerous weapon against Heavenly Kyuubi.

Will Kit break free from the control of D.E.A.T.H and will Michi accept his love?

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