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Lexai the Zonai by Cyborg-Lucario

Lexai the Zonai


Lexai descended from heaven ancient together with other Zonai down from the skies to explore, but one day a mighty demon came and fought her group and despite winning, she was mortally wounded and needed to be in stasis.
Many years passed, and she awoke in modern day Hyrule. Lexia was unsure if her wounds were that bad or if there was an accident that misplaced her stasis pod, but she's now exploring a new and unfamiliar world with new friends.

She found herself being into modern food as the kind that ancient Hyrule had were pretty bland. Usually she exchanges her knowledge of the Zonai civilization in exchange for rupees to buy food, and it really pays well as seen by her pudgy belly.
And she enjoys listening to new music while she works.
She will also use her knowledge of technology and her Zonai powers to protect her friends from monsters.
She can get upset if someone ruins her hair or her long pretty ears.

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