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Kim Kashikoi


14 April 2021 at 06:59:08 MDT

Name: Kim Kashikoi

Sex: Female

Age: 28

Nationality: Australian/Japanese

Background: Kim was always a girl who was fascinated with robotics and spent lots of time studying it, but she still found the time to party and have fun.

One day so did she get the opportunity to move to Japan and work at Heavenly Kyuubi, and while it was hard to get someplace to live at first so did she manage to get an apartment close to the corporation.

She impressed them with her robotics and theories about where to take them next. Which they needed since Heavenly Kyuubi was having issues keeping itself afloat at the moment, one of them being that their computers were starting to have trouble keeping everything in check, so Kim decided to make a new AI that will help Heavenly Kyuubi out.
She called this AI program I.N.A.R.I. (Inspecting Network Administrator and Research Intelligence) and made it advanced, so advanced that it took several hundred terabits of memory, something no computer had room for, which the executives didn't like and asked Kim to scrap her program.

Not wanting to give up on I.N.A.R.I. so did she do her own research on how to best implement it, until the AI on its own decided to build its own robot body, something that surprised Kim, but she went on to assist the AI to make sure the robot body works and that all her data could fit inside. The two of them realized that it took a lot of energy to not only keep the AI running, but also to make sure the body functioned as well, so they went to the president to ask for work on a new energy source. The president and the other executives were surprised by the AI's robot body which was in the form of a nine-tailed kitsune.
But what was surprising was that I.N.A.R.I. decided to oust the president as not doing a good enough job and took over the corporation. The other executives did put her on tests as they doubted that an energy-draining robot could be able to run a corporation, even if her AI was the most advanced in the world so far.

Luckily for Kim so was I.N.A.R.I. doing a great job and proved her worth, and one of the first things her AI creation did was to make Kim head scientist. Sure it may count as nepotism to give a family member such a high position, but Kim was the one who created her, so it was concluded that it was the only fair thing.

Since then so has Kim been living the life as a celebrated scientist and have been invited to lots of parties while also helping her "child" out by helping her in creating "grandchildren", though she does not like being called granny or grandma by them as she's only 28 years young.

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