D&D Oneshot by Cyborg-Lucario

D&D Oneshot


3 February 2019 at 04:36:51 MST

This is the poster I made for a one shot Dungeons & Dragons 5E campaign I'm holding at Nordic Fuzzcon this year.

We got the four player characters and a friendly NPC fighting against the undead forces of a vampire lord.
The four player characters being Heinrich Talbain (human fighter), Reika Shinescale (dragonborn cleric), Rash (lizardman barbarian), and Bee Stinger (tabaxi ranger).

I was pondering whether to have premade characters or let the players create their own, but the telegram group pointed out that for a convention so can it be more useful to have already made characters.
It also saves time.

This is just one of the one shots I'm holding, the other one is gonna be an Ironclaw campaign.

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