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on 30 May 2016 at 19:09:34 MDT

Soooooo here I am at Weasyl. After the recent "outtage" of FA FINALLY a lot of people are "leaving" FA for real. Sure people are saying "I'll ALSO be here on this website *link*.", but sure, this sounds far more likely of a migration than actual typical FA ragequits (which often results in just temporary absence).
But let's face it. FA never was a very trustworthy website for a lots of reasons, and I've heard about leaks and hacks in FA YEARS ago. Yes, people hacking and having access to things they shouldn't nearly anytime they wanted. Sure the whole deal of "Selling FA to IMVU" didn't help, but you know, I'm quite glad that the furry fandom does care a lot about privacy to the point of reacting so intensely at such a breach of security.

Regarding Weasyl, I expect to do as much as I did in FA. Posting no artwork (but who knows eh?), sporadic walls of text in journals and a few comments in artworks here and there, often in very prolific way. And almost no favorites. XD

At least I'm glad Weasyl improved SO MUCH since last time I've checked. Sure, it was still it was beta, and while I liked some of the features of Weasyl, I definately hated a few others (or the lack of them too). For current Weasyl, I definately liked the Collection feature, which given it's functionality, is technicly a clear sign that the creators of Weasyl have a quite good idea of how furries deal with art galleries and which features are necessary to implement. Also, the tag system, something that I like in e621.net, is here. And the browse from FA. There's very little that I would've done differently, and yet a few years ago I didn't like Weasyl... XD

At least now I have an excuse to have some REAL activity here for now... =3

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