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The Dashing Eggplant of Kalamata by CyberCorn Entropic

The Dashing Eggplant of Kalamata

CyberCorn Entropic

3 May 2017 at 02:56:55 MDT

"Squeak–(eek!)–y-Pie-yi! Runnnaway egggplannnt! Where (oof!) did you (eek!) find this (uff!) thing?

Why stop with the Pear?

Riverbiscuit and My Little Mousie — Art © 2017 Marvin E. Fuller
The Great Eggplant of Kalamata — 2006–2017 Ursula Vernon


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    Just watch out for the vampire squash (it tries to bite) and the big watermelons (they'll try to roll-over and crush you!), best to let 'em rot in the field a bit and use 'em to fertilize the ground for next-year's crop! (as told to Digger by the farmer)
    In the highly bizarre dark-comedy game Paradigm there's a beat-boxing talking eggplant! XD