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Anthro New England 2023 Conbook Submission by Cyan Glaciertooth

Anthro New England 2023 Conbook Submission

Cyan Glaciertooth

Anthro New England 2023 is coming to Boston in January. Their theme will be "Trains". As such, this is my conbook submission for ANE 2023.

Not only did I choose to submit something to go with their trains theme, but also have a message about motivation and self-esteem. This was inspired by "The Little Engine That Could", a story about a train delivering toys to their desired destination by going through places some would think would keep the train from getting to where it wants to go. Here we have a subway train, an MBTA Red Line Train, making it to its destination on time, despite the obstacles that were in its way before getting there. This train believed in itself, not letting anything stop it from getting his furry passengers to ANE on time. (Now, if only the MBTA trains in real life were more like this, then we wouldn't have to complain about all these delays, breakdowns, etc., that the MBTA is notorious for.)

Along with the train and my characters on board, I've added the mascot of the ECHL's Worcester Railers, Trax the Dog, in the pic. He is a mascot for a New England-based team with a train-themed branding concept, after all.

Art by me
All characters except Trax © Me
Trax © Worcester Railers HC

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