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Foxy's Amusement At His Amusement Facility by Cyan Glaciertooth

Foxy's Amusement At His Amusement Facility

Cyan Glaciertooth

This is a special gift for "Foxlover", starring his character, Foxy, and a member of his "Kahuna Crew" that I made for him as a gift last summer, SynthDave85. Dave is a retrowave caracal, so it's no surprise he'll be seen at an arcade playing a retro game. What is surprising, though, is how the arcades at Foxy's Kahuna Arcade function. While playing QBert, a bouncing ball smashes out of the screen bonking SynthDave in the noggin. His response to being hit by that ball is the same as how Qbert responses. Foxy seems pretty amused by this.