Radar - Quad City Storm Mascot by Cyan Glaciertooth

Radar - Quad City Storm Mascot

Cyan Glaciertooth

2 April 2019 at 14:26:46 MDT

Last December, the Quad City Storm of the SPHL introduced their official mascot, "Radar" the Fox. However, Radar started out as "Firestorm", the mascot for the AHL's Quad City Flames, back in 2007. I was the one who designed Firestorm. It was for a contest the QC Flames organization held for fams to design a mascot for the team. I had the urge to submit a design of my own, and mine got to be one of three designs chosen by the Flames staff to put on their website so fans could pick the winner. Mine got the most votes and became the team's mascot!

It was an exhilarating accomplishment in my life, one that I will always remember and cherish. I went to Moline, IL to see my creation in January 2008. To get me recognized as the designer of the mascot, I was given a Zamboni ride during the 1st intermission at the game me and my family went to attend. The journey to the Quad Cities to meet the mascot I designed was very humbling.

In 2009, after only two seasons in Moline, IL, the Quad City Flames moved to Abbotsford, BC. I thought we would never see Firestorm again. To my surprise, however, the QC Storm brought him back! Even though he has a different fur color, and a new name, he's still the same package of awesomeness that I created.

Here's an illustration I did recently of Radar. If you look back on the original model sheet I did of this character from 2007, you can tell how much my art has evolved from the past 12 years!


Art by me
Radar © Quad City Storm