Carrying proudly this Flag by CuteFlareon

Carrying proudly this Flag


9 December 2014 at 11:18:39 MST

6th of December is Finland's independence day, so I drew this picture to celebrate it~
This year we got 97th year of independence fulfilled so it is only three years until we reach our 100th year :'3
Also this year it got 75 years since Winter war that was fought between Finland and Sovient Union in the middle of World War II.
Finland won it and we got to keep our independence~ :D
If you're interested to hear more, I'd suggest you to google up some more information ^^

I hope you like this picture!:3


This picture is personal art work, so anything art-criminal stuff such as over colouring, tracing, copying ect. will be punished in a way or another.

Art & Flare © me (CuteFlareon)

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