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Hiz everyone~
I am Flare and I am 20-year-old girl from Finland ^^
I am self-taught artist and animator. Whenever I have free time or I happen to be bored (which literally never happens trust me) I draw or either animate.
I love cats and Pokémon + I read Warrior cats (not so much though at the moment)
I am a nice and kind girl, so don't be afraid to come and chat with me~ I won't bite :3

I mainly draw cats and Pokémons so expect much of them~
Otherwise I may also draw me and my friends fursonas/pokesonas/whateversonastheyown

I do commissions, but since I am still confused with the systems in here yadayada here's my price list if anyone is interested:
If you want one or you wanna ask something, just go ahead send me a message ^^

Programs I use:

PaintTool SAI - for drawing (mainly)
MS Paint 7 - for drawing (rarely)
Adobe Flash Professional CS6 - for animating (mainly)
Windows live Movie Maker - for editing stuff (it is only workable thing that works for me now)

Places you can find me from:

YouTube - | CuteFlareon
DeviantArt - | FlareAKACuteFlareon



Latest Journal

Thank you for 50 Followers <3

Yeah, the title sums it up really~ ^^
I really would like to thank all who have followed me here!:3
I shall probably do some kind of "50 Followers" picture or so just to show some of my appreciation over the followers I have gotten here~

But before I do, I just thought to post journal just to show that I am indeed alive and trying my best to be as active as I can~

For the topic what I could probably do as 50 Followers -picture, do you have something more specific you'd like me to do?
Like would you like me to draw it traditionally (as it seems alike most of my followers here seem to like it more?) or traditionally or would you like to see me draw more Pokemon, warrior cats or just my OCs?

If you want to comment below with what you'd prefer to see from me, go ahead and give me suggestions!^^
But one more time, thank you a ton for the 50 Followers <3

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Anthro (detailed background)
$ 40.00
Anthro (simple background)
$ 20.00
Anthro (transparent background)
$ 10.00


Chibi (detailed background)
$ 24.00
Chibi (simple background)
$ 12.00
Chibi (transparent background)
$ 6.00

Normal style

Detailed Picture (detailed background)
$ 32.00
Simple Picture (simple background)
$ 16.00
Single Character (transparent background)
$ 8.00

Sausage Style

Sausage Style (detailed background)
$ 20.00
Sausage Style (simple background)
$ 10.00
Sausage Style (transparent background)
$ 5.00

Each of the prices includes only ONE character except Sausage style commissions! The basic price in them includes TWO characters due the fact the style is easy and quick to draw.

For more info (about Extra characters and speed paint extra payments, etc) send me a PM (Private Message) or a comment!^^
I accept payments via PayPal



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    You have 51 followers now😁

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    Hi! Thanks for the fave. Your art is very beautiful.

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    Thanks for the fav. You have some lovely art here.

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      Aww thank you~ You had some nice looking art on your gallery as well ^^

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    Thanks for fav~

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    Thanks for following me! :'D