Evil loves to be Evil by CuteFlareon

Evil loves to be Evil


18 November 2014 at 12:24:16 MST

I had an anthro raffle on my Facebook few days ago and now I have draw the winner's, RainingColors's request :3

As a side note: I don't take requests. This was a raffle thing I sometimes do time by time. For that, please like my facebook page (link bellow) so you can get probably notified by future raffles like this c:

I am very happy by the result!
And for once I made reasonable neck...
I am pretty proud of it and I hope she'll like it!^^

And I hope you others like it too!:3


Only RainingColors is allowed to use this. Others have no right to use this anywhere or they/he/she will get punished. Also Tracing, Over-colouring, Copying, Claiming as own ect.ect. will lead you in trouble if you do so!

Art © me (CuteFlareon)
Denuka © RainingColors

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    Eep tykkään himona ♥
    Pose on silti ihan sitä itteensä ja expressionii jäin tuijottaa hetkeks ;w;
    Väritki osu nappiinsa, ja varjostus lisää pahuuden tunnetta~
    Kiitos paljon ;w;

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      Oleppa hyvä ;w; Oon happy et tykkäät!