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Sceptile used Energy Ball by CuteFlareon

Sceptile used Energy Ball


Some Pokémon art from me~

The new video updates of the Special that Pokemon is going to animate from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire got me really hyped~!
The episode looks cool and also seeing these updates nearly every week about OR and AS have just made me even more excited about the new game :''3
I don't have 3DS yet sadly but whenever I get it, I believe I am gonna fix myself Omega Ruby before getting updated with X and PMD: Gates of Infinity!:boogie: Since old Ruby and Emerald were my favorite GBA games when I was little so yeah :''3

I deeply hope the game is going to be good, or even better, than the original!
I am so looking forwards when they get released and I am even more looking forwards that I get to play Omega Ruby after all these years and hopefully to experience the same things as I did with the older versions!

But yeah, have a Sceptile~

I hope you like it!^^


This picture is personal art work, so anything art-criminal stuff such as over colouring, tracing, copying ect. will be punished in a way or another.

Art © me (CuteFlareon)
Sceptile & Pokémon © Nintendo

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