Be there somewhere mine by CuteFlareon

Be there somewhere mine


18 October 2014 at 11:53:58 MDT

Inspirited by this song

From the very first start we knew what we were to go into
I wait you wait, just alike we promised
Either of us maybe didn't realise that even
That during the time this will get more rough
You're waiting me home with your clock
and another side of me says that this won't get easier any time soon
and the other side knows rest of the life on top of the road
That's what I was made for, I cannot say no for it
I am buying time painting faith into dreams
We still will be able to make it together what we promised together
Even though it may take even more years
We're still checking at Turunlinna when sails are trailing to Sweden
But now I have to go, timetable is flying
You're calling after me even before I am at the airport
The phone is ringing, I am not answering I am soon putting it away
I know what you're going to say


Am I waiting for you for nothing still
What if this will happen to us alike the others
The distance is hunting and killing me
Who decided, who are allowed to success
Be there somewhere mine

You're again making up the table for two for fun
even though you know I am not at home for three another weeks
I decided not to call again, just without a notice
I maybe cannot help but make worries for you
I am focusing fully, at the same time I am hurting you
work of the life is eating our life
It feels alike other is always away from another
If I could pick the best sides from the other
But you can only change yourself, not the other person
And when I called, the fighting took the motivation from both of us
When we're together I wouldn't change you for anything
Those small moments of luck are making me to hold on you
and I'll see you there still, when we're crumbled
I am doing effort that I could change
I need you and I wish you could hold on
Do not force me to pick

An inspiration that I really wanted to draw out :heart:
And don't worry, this is not vent :3

I drew this picture mainly to express my feels of miss, how much I miss my boyfriend somewhere there...
We see again soon but the distance is just sometimes feeling so long that it gets difficult to bare and knowing that seeing again may not always be one week away...
The song explains more than well how I feel (Refrain as me, chorus as Storm) and just few days ago I nearly pulled up some sort of worthless argument just because I feel stressed by the distance.
I am currently doing quite well at school but I still feel stressed...
I just miss the touch, I miss our moments, I miss the chances to give him a tight hug whenever I feel alike I need one
And most of the time I just feel so cold, breaking all my negative feels on him alike he would be some kind of toy I can torture with things that are bothering or bugging me

But I am still more than happy to be with him and I wouldn't change my faith <3
We'll see soon again, after one week to be more exact :3
And then I can finally fall asleep with his scent drifted all over to me and just be happy and drain all the energy from him <3

I hope you like the picture ^^


This picture is personal art work, so anything art-criminal stuff such as over colouring, tracing, copying ect. will be punished in a way or another.

Art & Flare © me CuteFlareon
Storm © Stormerrr

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